#3 Know Yourself Correctly | August.2020

A Letter to My Future Self

Always Day One

Hello, I am 24 years old in August.2020, this is the 3.rd letter to you.

This month happened so many things, I backed to Shanghai, finished my draft paper, and began to deliver my resume.

In Taiyuan, I could not stand the pain of inefficiency at home, therefore I found a paid study room to focus on my job. At begin, it did work, but after one week I wasted a full afternoon watching videos again. So sad, I still cannot use time efficiently at Taiyuan. then I got the message that I could go back to Shanghai, which made me get relieved.

I plan to organize my photos a long time ago, finally this month I use one day to finish this job. I found that I take so many hiking pictures, I like outdoor hiking and climb mountains. Maybe you still enjoy it.

In Taiyuan, I still thought my resume is not good enough, so I just prepared in the wrong way and wasted time. I went back to Shanghai on Aug.14 and began to deliver my resume on Aug.16. I made a Dream Company's list, then I got many opportunities to do written examination and interview. By the way, some interviewers said they think my resume is wonderful.

I planed to using some no-big company to train my knowledge, however, my first interview is Tencent. as I expected, I can't answer some easy and basic questions, so I failed. I began to learn more the FE knowledge, using more interviews for training. my classmate helped me a lot, he is good at coding.

By two weeks’ interview, I find these problems:

  1. I can’t solve coding problems with JavaScript, I should retrain.
  2. I don't understand the basic Fundamental knowledge, I just memorized them.

To prepare for the interview, I also summary myself:

Introduction myself:

My introduction is three three-point,

  1. three-major: math + psychology + software engineer.
  2. three-languages: Chinese + English + German.
  3. three-ability: coding + data analysis & visualization + photograph & design.

The reason why I choose the front-end engineer:

  1. I like the photograph and graphic design, the FE engineer can create a beautiful page.
  2. I like human-computer interaction, the FE engineer is the closest person to users.
  3. I like brighten data visualization pictures, the FE engineer can realize customization from the underlying principles.

The three-year career plan:

  1. In terms of professional ability, I wish I have outstanding coding ability, I can understand the deeper principles, including computer network and JS and some FE frameworks. I have an impactful framework created by myself.
  2. In terms of project experience, I wish I understand the business scene, the solutions, and the corresponding pros and cons.

The life I want to live at 40:

  1. I will be a CTO in a valued company, I could understand deeper for one business and have a package of technical solutions.
  2. I wish I can live a work-life balance. I can create value at work, I can enjoy myself in life, I can travel around the world, I can drive and hike everywhere.

The above is my dream, I can make it a reality. The next month, I plan to do as follows:

  1. revise my first edition paper and submit it successfully.
  2. find problems in the interview and keep improving.
  3. exercise body in the morning.

Last September, I ran a marathon with my dad and had a barbecue in the evening. He drank half-heartedly, put down the beer in his hand, and exhorted me with two sentences: You must learn to know yourself correctly and learn to leave room for yourself.

At that time, I only left an impression. Until now, a year later, Autumn recruitment taught me the first sentence and my graduation thesis taught me the last sentence. I turned around and realized the meaning of the suggestions.

Luckily, it’s not too late to wake up. Don’t think much, Just do it.

Wish you still curious and learning and focus on your way.



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